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Information about the merger between
Dunkirk School Employees FCU and Inner Lakes FCU

Brief Background: 

After a couple months of discussion, the DSEFCU Board of Directors voted unanimously on October 24, 2011 to pursue a merger with Inner Lakes FCU.  A special meeting was held on January 11, 2012 for the DSEFCU members to discuss the proposal.  The DSEFCU membership overwhelmingly supported the merger through the vote that was conducted at the special meeting – and by mail.  

There are three main reasons for the purpose of the merger: 

(1)   The merger represents a significant upgrade in the services offered to members of Dunkirk School Employees FCU.

(2)   The merger insures that quality credit union services will be available at a location in the City of Dunkirk on a long term basis, well beyond the inevitable departure of the current management team.

(3)   The merger will provide current members of Inner Lakes FCU with a convenient branch in the City of Dunkirk at which they can conduct business.

Merger Communications: 


(Q) When will the merger take place?
(A) Currently, our target date for the merger to be effective is March 1st.

(Q) What will happen to the office in Dunkirk at 338 Central Avenue?
(A) This office will be kept open as an Inner Lakes branch.

(Q) What will the new hours of the Dunkirk branch be?
(A) Once the merger is complete, the Dunkirk office will be open the following hours:

Monday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday: Noon – 5:00 pm
Wednesday: Noon – 5:00 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

(Q) What will happen to the current DSEFCU staff?
(A) Inner Lakes will retain Dave Nicosia, who will spend the majority of his time in the Dunkirk office.

(Q) Will there be any new staff working at the Dunkirk branch?
(A) Yes, Inner Lakes plans to have another full-time person working out of the Dunkirk office.

(Q) Did the members of DSEFCU have a say in this merger?
(A) Yes.  Information was mailed to all members of DSEFCU about the proposed merger.  All members were also given information on how to vote on the proposal.  The membership overwhelmingly voted to support the merger with Inner Lakes.

(Q) Will there be any remodeling in the Dunkirk branch?
(A) Yes.  We plan to have two teller stations built.  All regular financial transactions will take place at the teller stations.

(Q) Will I be able to use Inner Lakes' other branches.
(A) Yes, Inner Lakes also has offices in Westfield, Fredonia, and Stow.

(Q) Will my account number change?
(A) Yes.  The members of DSEFCU will have their same account numbers - only with a '2' in front of the account.  For example, if your DSEFCU account number is 1234, your new account number will be 21234.

(Q) What do I do with my personal checks from DSEFCU?
(A) If you have a checking account you may continue to use your DSEFCU personal checks for up to a year.  However, the first time you reorder checks it will have to be done through us so the checks contain your new account information.

(Q) What do I do with my DSEFCU debit card?
(A) If you have a debit card with DSEFCU, we will get a new Inner Lakes debit card to you prior to March 1st.  On March 1st this new debit card will be activated and you are asked to please destroy – and stop using - your old debit card. 

(Q) Do I need to change my direct deposits?
(A) We will have to work together to get your direct deposits switched over to your new account number, as well as to a new Routing and Transit number for Inner Lakes.  However, we will continue to manually post your direct deposit items until we can get these switched over.  Your new direct deposit information will be further detailed in letter we will send to you in mid-to-late February. 

(Q) Will my home / online banking change?
(A) Yes.  If you currently have home/online banking with DSEFCU we will send you new instructions and passwords before March 1st.  We are confident you will enjoy our fully functional home/online banking service. 

(Q) Who do I contact with more questions?
(A) Dave Nicosia is still your point of contact for more questions.  He can be reached in the Dunkirk office at (716) 366-5864.

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